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experiencing the beauty of the Wild Atlantic Way

  • Beyond the Glass Adventure Tours offers Hiking and Cycling tours on Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way.

  • Hike along splendid Irish coast lines, above crystal blue waters and beneath ruggedly beautiful mountains. Cycle along quiet country roads on Ireland's Western Coast line and feel the freedom of Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way.

  • Walk where life first walked on Earth 385 million years ago, visit 2000 year old Neolithic sites, ancient tombs and world famous castles.

  • On each day of our multi-day tours you will enjoy the best of outdoor adventure in stunning locations. We offer hiking holidays and mixed adventure hiking and cycling holidays.

  • When you join our tours we will also show you the best of Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way including Blarney Castle, Dingle, the Cliffs of Moher and the Aran Islands.

  • When you join one of our adventure tours not only will you enjoy the fantastic activities you will also be immersed in Irish history, culture and music. You will be entertained by and you will learn the roots of a range of Irish music, from Irish traditional and folk music to modern day indie rock. You will visit ancient castles and ruined monasteries and be regaled with stories and legends of Irish folk heroes.

  • We have selected excellent 3 star and 4 star accommodation where you can relax and unwind at the end of each rewarding days adventure.

  • Beyond the Glass Adventure holidays are suitable for active people, our tours require a reasonable level of fitness.

  • Our 2020 tours are now open for booking. Please email info@beyondtheglass.ie for any enquires.



BEYOND THE GLASS ADVENTURE TOURS offers multi-day guided activity holidays on Ireland's WILD ATLANTIC WAY. We specialise in hiking and cycling tours for small groups. We will take you off the beaten track to see hidden Ireland and to experience outdoor adventure, culture and historical sights all while being immersed in Ireland’s stunning natural landscape. We offer hiking holidays and mixed activity hiking and cycling holidays. With Beyond the Glass Adventure Tours you will have the ultimate adventure travel experience. Check out our 8 Day Explorer Tour, our 6 Day Adventurer Tour and our 5 Day Hiker Tour.

The Wild Atlantic Way is the longest defined coastal touring route in the world. It stretches for over 2,500km along Ireland’s spectacular western seaboard. We at BEYOND THE GLASS ADVENTURE TOURS have selected some of the very best parts of the Wild Atlantic Way for our hiking and cycling adventures tours so you will have the most enjoyable adventure holiday in Ireland 2020.

All Beyond the Glass Adventure tours leave from Cork City.

The Cork City Cycle Tour takes approximately 3 hours. During the cycle tour you will sample Corks rich history, stretching back over 1,500 years, we show you the best parts of Cork City, some of its beautiful parks and a few of Cork’s hidden secrets. To book your place visit the Cork city cycle tour page.

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My wife and I participated in the 8 day Adventure Tour on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way run by Beyond the Glass (BTG) adventure tours. Our tour guide was James – it is his business and he has created an incredible experience! First of all, the tour guide: James is a true gentlemen, with a passion for his country, the outdoors, history, geography, and sharing this with his patrons. Every step of the way you felt that you were catered to, specific desires and needs were met, and that you having fun was always the most important thing. I really couldn’t speak highly enough about James, and the commitment he has to making your experience an amazing one. The travel: The motor coach is big, comfortable, and seats 10-12 people. We had 8 people in the van and felt like there was a tonne of space. You are in the van for short drives between cities – during which you’ll hear authentic music, historical stories, geography lessons, or just plain chilling out – it really was super comfortable. The hotels/B & B’s: I was concerned about accommodations before going – as usually I don’t choose 3 star places to stay at – well I can tell you that the star system in Ireland must be way different than in North America – because every place we stayed was unique, tidy, clean, with comfortable beds and more. They exceeded what I expected. The food was fantastic. I put a priority on having a choice of healthier meals, and these were readily available if desired. Every hotel included a breakfast, included in the price of the trip – and, to my surprise, all of these included more than your typical buffet/continental breakfast, but also anything you wanted off a menu as well. This was a great bonus – starting your day with a great breakfast was always important, because every day was sure an adventure! The most important part: THE ACTIVITIES.  Ireland is beyond stunning. The activities are described in the trip advisor profile – but they hardly do it justice. I’m not sure I have ever said “WOW” so many times! Whatever you are expecting – IT IS BETTER!! Imagine hiking and riding bikes through the mountains, valleys and along waterways with sheep and horses freely roaming the fields around you, the greenery, rock and flowers covering the landscape, and laughing and learning all the way along. We regularly stopped for breaks for those who needed it, and he had option after option to ensure that you were comfortable yet challenged too. One day my wife and I wanted to add in a run along the cliffs of moher – he quickly said “let’s go” and we were off enjoying ourselves in one of the most scenic runs we have ever done. On a few days, there were others in our group that needed assistance, and James made sure to create alternate routes, easier adventures, and other activities for them so that they too could enjoy their trip. I’m telling you that in a regular tour company, this would NEVER happen. He was accommodating and gentlemanly throughout the trip. That means that if you are super fit – he’ll find a way to challenge you. If you are less physically capable, he’ll find something for you too. Now, granted, you should be able to walk for a few hours, and know how to ride a bike to fully enjoy the trip. If you aren’t fit, it would make sense to go for long 2-3 hour walks at home, and be steady on a bike in order to get the full enjoyment of the Wild Atlantic Way. At the top of the mountain, the views are incredible and the sense of accomplishment is palpable. We had a great group of people, and will look upon this as one of our favourite trips, ever. Thank you James, for exceeding our expectations. We value your friendship, and feel privileged to have travelled with you. If you’ve read this far down, I am telling you – don’t think twice – schedule your trip with James and relax knowing that you are going to have the trip of a lifetime.

Ryan - June 2019

My spouse & I have just experienced the incredible 8 Day Explorer Tour on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way with Beyond the Glass Adventure Tours. The tour was led by James Foley…. this unique tour company’s owner. James has certainly found his calling . His love and pride for his native Ireland is truly evident. He was a wealth of information about the history, geography, customs, music, books, movies and wildlife of Ireland. He was such a gentleman and also has such a fun loving side and his jokes, music selections and ideas for photo ops were great!
Not being attracted to large bus tours, we chose this tour because of the small group size, outdoor adventures, less time “behind” the glass and a more personalized feeling and we were not disappointed! The bus was a 12 passenger vehicle and very comfortable for the 7 of us on the tour. James is an excellent driver and adheres strictly to all the regulations of operating a tour bus.  The itinerary has been carefully planned to include a variety of activities … hiking, cycling, boat rides, historical sites, castle and garden visits. Plus with the small group we were able to explore places off the main tourist routes. The scenery was spectacular throughout! The multi shades of green on the hills and valleys, mountains, ocean views, rivers, stone fences, happy sheep, goats and cattle everywhere. Photos cannot truly capture the beauty of the countryside that surrounded us each day!  The variety of accommodations were all very comfortable and perfectly situated in the city or towns. All the included breakfasts had hot breakfast menu options, as well as a continental breakfast selection. James made dinner reservations for the group to dine together if we wished and we took advantage of that most evenings. His restaurant selections were excellent and all offered options to please everyone. The lunch spots were also so well chosen. The food and drinks in Ireland were enjoyed in every location!
The cycle tours were through absolutely beautiful scenery. You do need biking experience as they would not be rated as easy. There are hills to climb (sometimes accompanied by wind and rain) but the rewards were well worth the effort. The hiking trails were equally wonderful as well with rewarding valley and sea vistas throughout. Ireland is a country with more than its share of historical wars over the centuries and devastating potato famines. The evolved Irish people now exhibit a very pleasant, calm demeanor and were always extremely friendly with tourists. Their time spent enjoying craic no doubt helps to fuel and sustain this disposition.  Our first trip to Ireland was an amazing experience thanks to James. This tour totally exceeded our expectations! We would highly recommend Beyond the Glass Adventure Tours Ireland for an experience you will always remember. Thank you James and Irish people for your hospitality!

Jane - June 2019

I had the pleasure to spend a lovely multi-day tour thanks to Beyond the Glass Adventure Tours. I had the chance to visit some astonishing places in an amazing part of the west of Ireland. I shared this experience with a fun company and a friendly guide, James. Biking and hiking, we saw stunning landscapes, such as Inis Mor and the Erisberg Mountain, not to mention the ocean. We also had the opportunity to learn something about the Irish history, especially about the Famine, visiting also the National Famine Memorial.
Moreover, we slept some nice B&B, very comfy and tidy.
It was one of the best tours here in Ireland until now and I highly recommend it. if you want to live an experience in contact with nature, breathing the spirit of true Ireland, this is the best way!!

Martina - TripAdvisor review May 2018

James is a fantastic guide and the tour was amazing. We took the 8 day tour of the Wild Atlantic Way on the West side of the island. James was brilliant (as they say in Ireland) and had an answer to nearly every question (of which there were many). His knowledge of Ireland is quite impressive and he was able to show us cool hidden gem locations with some insane views because of his personal history of biking, hiking, and travelling the country. I don’t think we would have gotten the same experience with a larger company, as James’s familiarity with the lesser known areas allowed us to explore areas tourists typically don’t see. He mixes up the activities so you cant get bored and so you get the most out of your time on vacation. You can always tell when someone is passionate about what they do and James has passion in spades. I would highly recommend his tours for anyone looking for an authentic Irish experience.

TJ - Facebook review June 2018

Mary: Definitely, the tour Agency Beyond The Glass Adventure Tours is the best option to do adventure tourism around Ireland. We had unforgettable days in the company of friendly people who know the region and offer safety and moments of pleasure during the journey. Thank you so much for everything, you are the best. We hope see you soon.

Marcus: This was the best trip I’ve done in Ireland. Our trip was in west of Ireland, we cycled, walked and climbed mountains with beautiful landscapes. We also learned more about the history of Ireland.
Everything was perfect, sightseeing, accommodations, restaurants, time we stayed at each place. Our guide was James, he is fantastic.
If you are looking for a trip with adventure, contact with nature and gorgeous scenery, this is the best agency.

Mary and Marcus - TripAdvisor review May 2018

I had the pleasure of meeting James in 2013 while hiking through several feet of unexpected snow in central Virginia along the Appalachian Trail.  He’s got a wonderful sense of humor and an unwavering admiration for the outdoors.  I’m thrilled that he has pursued his love for the outdoors and is sharing that enthusiasm with others in the best of ways.  For those who are looking to book an adventure tour, I can assure that you are looking in the right spot.  You couldn’t ask for a better guide, and the memories will last you a lifetime.

Micheal - TripAdvisor review 2017