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  • Welcome to Beyond the Glass, where we specialize in outdoor team building activities. Each event is tailored to specific group requirements, ensuring an unforgettable experience for everyone.
  • All our events are tailored to your needs. We have events suitable fro teams from six to 40 people. Read a sample of the events we offer.
  • Scavenger Hunts: This is an immersive journey through Cork City, where each clue unravels the city's rich history, showcases famous landmarks, and unveils local institutions. It's more than a scavenger hunt; it's an exploration of Cork's vibrant tapestry.
  • Cork City Cycle Tour: Pedal through the enchanting city of Cork, discovering its history, heritage, and culture. This cycle tour is a shared experience that brings your team together while exploring the beauty of Cork
  • Cork Harbour Greenway Cycle Tour: A leisurely cycle along Cork's Greenway, featuring the Marina, Pairc Ui Caomh (home of Cork GAA), and Blackrock Castle. Learn about Cork's maritime heritage while enjoying breathtaking views of the world's second-largest deep-water harbor.
  • Day Hikes: Escape the hustle and bustle with a guided hiking adventure, exploring the unparalleled beauty of Ireland. It's an ideal way to break free from the daily grind and immerse yourself in nature for a few rejuvenating hours.
  • Killarney Boat and Hike: Embark on a challenging day in Killarney National Park, combining a boat trip through the lakes with a hike via the Kerry Way and the old Kenmare Road. It's a fun-filled escapade surrounded by the stunning landscapes of Killarney.
  • Killarney Boat and Bike: For an adrenaline-filled day, cycle through Killarney National Park, take a scenic boat trip from Ross Castle, and embark on a spectacular cycle through the Gap of Dunloe. It's a thrilling adventure in one of Ireland's most picturesque locations.
  • Killarney Park Cycle: Just an hour's drive from Cork City, Killarney National Park offers a perfect setting for team building. Join our guided cycle tour, exploring the park's fantastic paved pathways and enjoying the outdoors amidst breathtaking scenery.
  • For inquiries and to plan your team day out, contact James at 0863850398 or Let's make your team-building experience extraordinary!


Cork Team Building Events 


Elevate your team’s synergy with Beyond the Glass, where we redefine team building through engaging outdoor experiences in and around Cork City. Our meticulously crafted events, tailored for groups of six to 40, offer more than just activities—they are immersive journeys that strengthen bonds and foster camaraderie. Whether exploring the historic charm of Cork through our Scavenger Hunts or cycling through the city’s enchanting streets, each event is designed to unite teams in shared experiences. Our guided adventures, from the leisurely Cork Greenway Cycle Tour to the adrenaline-filled Killarney Boat and Bike, seamlessly blend fun, challenge, and the great outdoors. Beyond the Glass goes beyond conventional team building, providing an opportunity for teams to connect, communicate, and create lasting memories in stunning Irish landscapes. Choose Beyond the Glass for a team-building experience that transcends the ordinary, leaving your team inspired and invigorated.





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